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Bondek(R) II profiled steel sheeting is roll-formed from hot-dipped, zinc-coated, chromate passivated high-strength grade BHP Zinc Hi-Ten strip in bare metal thickness of either 0.75 mm or 1.0 mm. The steel strip has a specified yield strength Premium of 550 MPa which conforms to BS EN 10147. The minimum coating class is Z200 for mild exposure conditions, while heavier coating classes or painting must be specified in moderate or severe exposure conditions. However, coating class of Z275 is being supplied in local environment.

Cheung Kong Centre -
Hong Kong

The Lee Gardens - Hong Kong

Bondek (R) II Profile

The nominal dimension of BONDEK (R) II profiled steel sheeting are shown in Fig 1. In the assembled state, the profile comprises two intermediate dovetail ribs for every interlocking side-lap joint. The assembled ribs are all boldly embossed along their exposed top faces and the nominal height of the embossment is 2 mm.

Figure 1
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